Napisali o naszych Ginących zawodach

Napisali o naszych Ginących zawodach

26 stycznia 2020 roku w "The first NEWS" opublikowano artykuł o projekcie realizowanym przez zespół Agnieszka Bohdanowicz i Marta Pietrasik dotyczącym Ginących zawodów. Miło nam, że projekt powstał dzięki współpracy z Fundacją KOLOROWO.

Heart of craft: unique Łódź tourist trail brings artisan professions back from the brink.

Anyone familiar with Poland will have passed them a million times over: those antiquated stores touting personalized services such as button repair or bespoke, handmade brushes. Behind dusty, cobwebbed windows, they emanate a warm, faded charm; appearing like something from a Sherlock Holmes film, these intriguing and eccentric shops speak of bygone times.  

But while we’ve all seen them, not many of us have ever entered them, and the culminative effect of this has seen many disappear.

Now, perturbed by the accelerating speed with which artisanal professions are vanishing from the post-industrial landscape of Łódź, two local women are hoping to stem the tide with the creation of a unique, alternative tourist trail aimed at celebrating such endangered trades.  ….